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Want to bring a piece of a Vegas show home with you? We have plenty of Las Vegas show merchandise for you to commemorate your night. Shirts, pants, jackets and more! We offer high quality Vegas show merchandise at affordable prices, there is something for everyone!


Looking for something for a gift or maybe a little something to thank your friend for watching your cat? This is your one stop shop for all of the merchandise from our top selling shows. Bring them home something from a Las Vegas show! We have plenty of different styles of clothing for both men and women.


Looking for something else? We also have outerwear and show soundtracks featuring the hit music from some of our most popular shows too! This is your one stop shop for Las Vegas show merchandise. All of these items make perfect gifts for friends and loved ones. Be sure to pick up something to remember your Vegas show experience!

V Card: The Nightclub Pass
$149.99 $49.99